Villa Modernisation

Simply Put, Modern Villas = Great Reviews.
Every 5 to 10 years many of the luxury rental villas in Bali start to look tired and ar in need of modernisation. It is necessary to keep them modern to meet the high expectations of guests.
At Nagisa Bali we have years of experience modernising many of the Villa we manage. As a result we are able to tailor a villa modernisation program to meet your budget.

Older villas and busy villas will at some point be in need of an upgrade.  However their are many reasons to keep you Villa modernised however alongside the upgrades will come will come; Increased efficiency from the appliances, modern lighting and air conditioning services use a lot less power.  Modern water heating sytems can now run from solar and changes to low consumption appliances will lead to greater ROI (return on your investment) = Higher profits and peace of mind.

  • Changing lighting to low voltage LED
  • Air Conditioning upgrades
  • Modernising Generators 
  • Incorporating renewable energy
  • Solar / wind Installations
  • Installation of Hi speed wifi and entertainment systems
  • Modernisation of Bathrooms
  • Replacing coroded taps and showerheads
  • Modernisation of Kitchens
  • Upgrading appliances and kitchenware
  • Modernisation of Hot water syatems
  • Solar energy heating and storage systems
  • Bores and Personal Water Supplies
  • Upgrades to pool filtration, pumps
  • Plumbing, Septic tanks, gas appliances